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Adding Chiropractic Treatment to Regular Medical Care

A study from April 2013 looked at the effect of adding chiropractic treatment to regular medical care to clients that presented with lower back pain of an acute nature.

The factors measured included the level of pain plus physical functioning. The patients were to receive normal medical treatment or the standard medical treatment combined with chiropractic care. These subjects were military members between 18 years old and 35 years old. They were randomized between the 2 treatment groups.

The investigators summarized how lower back pain occurs frequently in our culture, is associated with high costs to society to treat this condition, and results in a huge amount of lost time at work. Even though multiple treatment modalities and types exist. There is no standard on which is better. One type of treatment is Chiropractic adjustments. Multiple randomized trials have shown that manipulation is as good a treatment as other non-surgical approaches, however, there is no evidence showing how it can be integrated into the medical healthcare system.

This was done on a pilot study basis with 2 directions for the randomization, standard medical-only versus standard care plus chiropractic treatments. These 2 treatments will be measured using a pain scale and measures of physical ability using Roland Morris and a back pain/function measuring tool.


The results show that the Roland scale lowered for both treatment types, however, it was significantly better in the group using including the chiropractors. The pain scales were also much improved significantly in the chiropractic patients group.

The researchers concluded that combining Manipulation to standard medical in lower back patients has advantages in regards to pain and function.


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