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Anita's Story

I’ve suffered with neck, thumb and shoulder pain for greater than 10 years. My neck gets very tight and extremely painful especially in the morning or when working on the computer. My thumbs ache daily especially when it is damp. My shoulder has been on going and gets sore when I use it to lift or rake.

In the past I have seen numerous Chiropractors, a massage therapist and my Medical Doctor. They gave me varying degrees of relief but I’ve received much more help with Dr Gleeson.

I was able to do most activities with my pain, but occasionally I would have to say no to my friends because I hurt so bad. I was usually exhausted at the end of the day due to the amount of energy I had to expend on dealing with the pain. Anything that involved using my shoulder or turning my neck were hard to do.

My neck feels 100% better now. It now longer hurts when I turn it and I never say no to my friends anymore. The exhaustion is gone. My shoulder feels much better and my thumbs only ache occasionally now.

I can do more things and enjoy more activities now. This muscle release technique really works.

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