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Ankle Pain? Give Us A Call

feetAt our practice, we do more than just help patients relieve unwanted back or neck pain—adjustments can also provide focused relief in other areas of the body that can help you heal better and quicker.

A common injury we see in the practice often? Ankle issues! And while you may not have considered it before, chiropractic care is an excellent solution to common ankle ailments like twists and sprains.

Here’s Why

When an ankle becomes sprained, the force is typically strong enough to overcome a muscle in the side of your calf called the peroneus muscle. Then, it over takes the ligament and joint. To correct the actual problem, it’s important to treat the muscle ligament and joint instead of just the area that’s experiencing pain.

We often see patients who have been dealing with ankle pain for years, only to feel better after a few adjustments with us.

Whether you’ve injured your ankle recently or years ago, we’d like to help. Contact our practice today to schedule your appointment.

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