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Betty's Story


Chiropractic gave Betty hope & transformed her life

“My initial injury was 5 years ago in my knee. I was an aerobic instructor but I had to give it up due to the pain. I couldn’t walk very far and there was shooting pain, stiffness and swelling. If I sat too long it would be so seized that I could hardly walk. In the past I tried stretching and another Chiropractor who tried to adjust it and gave me strengthening exercises but it didn’t work.

The quality of my life was not good. I gave up a carrier that I loved. I couldn’t go hiking with my husband, and I gained weight from being inactive. My problem was aggravated by many things including workouts, shopping, stairs, walking, gardening housework, sitting. Any unforgiving surface gave me grief.

Now, after muscle release treatments with Dr Gleeson the constant pain and stiffness is gone. I am able to exercise and I can bike easy to moderate bike trails. I can go for walks on forgiving surfaces like paths and trails. I have less pain on stairs and I am able to do housework.

Overall I have a better quality of life. I am more active, I have a better outlook and have more fun.

During treatment there were some results right away, and then there were steady increases in range of motion and endurance over time.

I am so glad I found this therapy!”

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