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Breaking Free: No More Chronic Lower Back and Hip Pain

Every day, we’re honored to help patients get out of pain and feel great. One such patient is Mr. J.W., who was once plagued by relentless pain that made even simple tasks feel like monumental obstacles.

He refused, however, to be defined by his discomfort. For Mr. J.W., mornings were particularly tough as he experienced stiffness, and physical activities like yard work often left him sidelined for days. Despite enduring pain and stiffness for a decade, he was determined to get relief and reclaim his quality of life.

Finding Healing Help at Outback Chiropractic Clinic

After an unsuccessful attempt to find relief elsewhere, Mr. J.W. turned to our office on the recommendation of two colleagues who had experienced success in their own journeys to wellness. Encouraged by their stories, he came to us ready to confront his pain head-on.

Upon examination, the root cause of Mr. J.W.’s struggles was identified: he had tight and adhesion-ridden muscles in his hips, with the psoas muscle posing a significant challenge. Armed with this information, our team crafted a personalized treatment plan, focusing on targeted muscle release techniques to address the underlying cause of Mr. J.W.’s discomfort.

Committed to getting better, Mr. J.W. embraced each session with determination. Slowly but surely, he made progress and began to experience a newfound sense of freedom and mobility.

No longer confined by discomfort, Mr. J.W. can enjoy life’s simple pleasures with ease and joy. His journey serves as a great reminder that with perseverance and the right support, anything is possible!

Could You Be Our Next Success Story?

Whether you’ve been dealing with pain for weeks, months or even years, we want to help you get relief and off the sidelines so you can live the vibrant life you deserve. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gleeson!


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