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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

wrist pain at computerCarpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), which consists of the compression of the median nerve, often manifests as a tingling or pain in the wrist, forearm, or thumb. Spanning from the neck to the thumb, when this nerve experiences compression, particularly at the wrist or upper forearm, it results in a condition known as peripheral nerve entrapment (PNE).

CTS generally starts as an occasional tingle or ache before progressing to severe hand weakness or intensified numbness. Much like an iceberg, the most destructive part of this disorder remains hidden beneath the surface. The outward symptoms are merely a warning sign of the nerve compression occurring within.

Providing a Proactive Diagnosis & Targeted Therapy

At Outback Chiropractic Clinic, we believe in timely treatment. We aim to detect and address CTS well before it reaches the point of needing surgical intervention. Our process involves meticulously identifying potential compression points along the nerve’s pathway. Dr. Gleeson uses muscle release techniques to relieve compression, allowing the nerve greater freedom of movement and reducing the bothersome symptoms associated with this disorder.

The Last Resort: Surgery

While we always strive to manage carpal tunnel syndrome through our proactive approach, in cases where symptoms become too severe, causing significant weakness or continuous numbing and tingling sensations, surgery becomes inevitable. However, rest assured that our focus is on preventing the need for surgical intervention as far as possible.

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