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Knee Injuries

The majority of patients have sometime in their life experienced knee pain. Usually the causes include: being a weekend warrior, leisure activities, employment injuries, or do it yourself projects. The knee rates as number one in size compared to the rest of the joints in the body. The top bone is called the femur, and the one underneath is the tibia, between them is a pancake shaped meniscus, which provides shock absorption for the joint. The lining of the joint surface upper and lower is called cartilage. Finally the knee is stabilized by ligaments and tendons.

Repetitive Strain

With regards to injuries to the knee, some patients are predisposed to problems based on genetics and family history i.e. arthritis formation. One of the causes of knee pain is repetitive strain, doing the same task over and over. This leads to scar formation and inflammation. Other activities such as biking to Kakabeka falls, or running at Lakehead University hanger can cause other injuries. These types of injuries include: the fibrous tissue of the thigh(IT syndrome), the tendons and various muscles that surround the knee(tendonitis), the sacs of liquid that act as a cushion for the patella(bursitis).

Other problems include: Injury to the back causing the knee to work harder due to muscle imbalance or a limp, an infection in the bone(osteomyelitis), a cyst a the back of the knee(baker’s cyst), arthritis in the knee joint or behind the knee cap( Osteoarthritis).

Other causes of injury to the knee from injuries or trauma include: injuries to muscles and ligaments of the knee (strain and sprain), tears to the ligaments that hold and brace the knee, breakage of the bones of the knee (fracture).


Treatments for the knee in our office can include: adjustments to the knee, hip and back, soft tissue work on the muscles of the knee and or hips, and acupuncture. Other treatments include bracing, medication, and surgery.

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