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Knee Pain Relief

hands grasping knee in painKnee pain can arise from various factors such as injury, aging (arthritis), and general overuse. This discomfort is often exacerbated during activities like climbing stairs, navigating hills, or rising from a chair. Additionally, individuals may experience a sensation that their knee is unstable, leading to a lack of trust in its stability.

How Muscle Release Technique May Help

At Outback Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Gleeson uses the Muscle Release Technique, a manual soft tissue method that can alleviate knee pain. Frequently, adhesions are found in the prominent quadriceps muscle, primarily concentrated in the lower region just above the knee cap. Targeting these adhesions through specialized techniques can provide significant relief.

Beyond the quadriceps, treatment extends to the ligaments and tendons of the knee and the muscles at the back of the knee, known as the hamstring and calf muscles. While stretching the quadriceps can be beneficial, it’s crucial to note that this muscle group comprises four distinct muscles, and stretching only addresses one of them.

A Patient Success Story

Illustrating the effectiveness of this approach is the case of Mrs. M.N., an octogenarian experiencing knee pain due to degeneration in her knee joints. She found significant relief through combining acupuncture and the Muscle Release Technique. While direct intervention in arthritis may not be feasible, targeting the surrounding tissues can greatly enhance comfort and mobility in cases of knee degeneration.

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