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Mrs. RC's Miraculous Recovery from Chronic Leg Pain

At the beginning of 2020, Mrs. RC retired just as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting. Shortly after, she started to experience chronic leg pain that had been plaguing her for three years. Her life was significantly altered as most activities caused her pain and she was unable to play with or lift her grandson. She had previously seen a chiropractor for adjustments, but without success.

Acupuncture and Muscle Release Techniques

Desperate to find relief, Mrs. RC sought out acupuncture and muscle release techniques. Initially, the progress was slow, with treatments giving her only a few hours of relief. But over time, the relief was longer and longer, until she was consistently pain free.

A Changed Life 

Mrs. RC was incredibly appreciative of how her life had been changed. Her husband and family all noticed the difference and she tells everyone she knows how we helped her. We are so pleased to have been able to help Mrs. RC regain her quality of life and are thankful for her kind words.

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