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NS's Story

Woman gardening

Is pain stopping you from enjoying an active life? Dr. Gleeson can help.

“I have had multiple injuries for 27 years. These include arthritis in my wrist, knees and low back, lower back and sciatica , torn rotator cuff, and aching thumbs. I have tried other Chiropractors, physiotherapy and acupuncture. These problems make I hard for me to be active and do many normal daily living activities. I had problems walking, extend and lifting, and opening jars.

My pain was aggravated when I had to walk , lift, bend or twist. Adjustments to my hip and pelvic joint has helped so much. The muscle release technique has helped the most to decrease the pain and stiffness, increasing mobility in all problem areas i.e. neck, shoulders, thumbs, back and hips.

Now I can do what I want to do to “be active” and I can cope with any new discomfort . Initially the first 3 treatments made a huge difference . If I have the occasional flare up I get quick relief.

Having these treatments helps me to live my life with much less discomfort, increased activity and more enjoyment.”

Thanks to NS for sharing a great chiropractic success story!

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