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Repetitive Injuries

When you perform an activity over and over thousands of times, for example typing, this is a repetitive strain injury. These tend to be movements that are done quickly. These are common injuries and affect a wide variety of people, from laborers, office workers, people in the trades, those involved in regular physical activity. This problem is very common among assembly line workers, those involved in computer gaming and needle point or crocheting.

Many joints can be affected, causing elbow pain, wrist pain, thumb and finger aching or weakness, and shoulder stiffness and burning. The longer the ache goes on without treatment, the longer it takes for the problem to be repaired. Sometimes it is a long standing issue and the only cure is stopping the activity for a prolonged period of time.

Chiropractors are educated in diagnosing these repetitive injuries. We have many tools to help fix these issues. Many people if treated early can resume their activities very quickly. Waiting for the pain to go away is not a good plan with this class of injuries.

Treatments can involve adjustments to the spine, if this is part of the cause of the problem. We also provide muscle release techniques which are designed to remove adhesions and scar tissue and often leads to a quick recovery. We can also give specific exercises and stretches to help correct and prevent he problem. Other strategies involve taking more breaks at work, changing he position of your mouse and keyboard, and getting regular exercise.

If these types of injuries are affecting your job or causing it to be difficult to do the activities that you love, consider giving our office a call.

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