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Rob's Story

Every now and then a patient chooses to share their success story with us.

Thanks to Rob Hicklin for taking the time to share this story!


This is my story about my shoulder.

I had a shoulder injury from playing slow pitch. Likely from not warming up properly. Every time I threw the ball my shoulder had a burning sensation that lasted for a minute or two.

Baseball and glove

Every time I threw the ball I had a burning sensation in my shoulder

I tried lots of rest and lots of stretching exercises and I would think it was feeling better but every time I threw a ball the pain would return. Because of this I ended up giving up playing slow pitch and baseball.

As my kids were getting older we would play outside and one afternoon on a warm March day we were building snow people and then a snowball fight started. I threw one snowball and thought my arm had fallen off.

I was seeing Dr. Gleeson for some treatments on my lower back and I complained about my shoulder. He asked if he could try a new treatment technique that he had learned called ART, he warned me that it may hurt a little when going through the motion but I was willing to try anything.

I admit the first treatment did hurt, my shoulder was tender, I went for consecutive treatments 3 days in a row. After each treatment the shoulder was tender but within a few hours it felt looser than it had the previous day.

The following weekend after those first 3 treatments I was playing outside again with the kids, I thought I would try to lightly throw a snow ball and I did with very little pain. I stretched it a little more and threw another one and the pain was minimal. 15 minutes later I was throwing snowballs at the kids across the yard.

quote-rightI was a believer from that point on in the ART treatments. I had a few more over the next few weeks and have not had a problem since. I now go for the ART treatments any time there is a soft tissue injury and I recommend the treatments to anyone I talk to with similar issues.

Do you have a chiropractic success story to share?

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