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Shin Splints

lacing running shoesShin splints, which refer to pain along the shinbone, are commonly associated with highly active people such as runners or military recruits; however, anyone engaging in sudden, intense physical activity can experience this condition. For example, if you go on a long walk after being inactive for a while, you may be prone to shin splints.

What Are the Causes?

The root cause of shin splints is the overuse of muscles in the front and inside of your calves. This excessive strain can lead to fatigue, tightness, inflammation, and adhesions forming within the affected muscles.

Our Approach

At Outback Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Gleeson addresses shin splints through targeted muscle release techniques. By focusing on the muscles in the front and inside of your calves, we can help ease your discomfort and facilitate your recovery process.

Our approach aims to address the underlying issues contributing to shin splints, providing relief and allowing you to return to your daily activities with greater comfort and mobility.

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