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Sleep Sweet Sleep

woman sleepingInsomnia and it’s related problems are an issue for a vast number of people. The range of challenges is varied. Some people have trouble staying asleep, some falling asleep and for others it is having too early a waking time. We all know that a bad night’s sleep can affect how you feel the next day, however the list of body functions that it affects are long and varied: from controlling your mood over the long term, to your heart function, to helping your liver deal with removing the byproducts of living.

Your body position when in bed is as important as it is when you are sitting or standing and it affects the result of your time in bed. When sleeping it is high in consideration that we are in as pain free a position as possible. There is a normal range in the amount of sleep people require usually seven and a half to eight hours. This can be affected by your job. Things like shift work, or the level of stress at your place of employment affect your sleep quality. If we are fatigued then we are more prone to hurting ourselves by committing errors.

Common Sleep Positions

There are 3 common sleep positions. Sleeping on your stomach can cause neck and or lower back pain. So if you are able to switch to a different location it can help. However for some people this is the most comfortable position, in that case try using a pillow under your lower stomach to lower stress and increase comfort.

Sleeping on your side can be aided by placing a pillow between your knees. This tends to keep both legs parallel to the bed thus reducing strain in the hip area. Finally back sleeping can be more comfortable if an object is placed under the knees.

There are many type of pillows that can be used, generally they are called orthopedic pillows. Some are foam and some are filled with water or beans. It is important to try many types to find the arrangement that works best for you. A good mattress should support the shape of your body, and a too soft mattress can lead to further problems.

Trying to make these changes can often go a long way to improving your sleep.

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