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The Importance of Stretching to Avoid Back Pain

When you are in pain you don’t want to do stretches because of the thought of how much more pain it can cause you. However often this very activity can help you help yourself to get better. This stretching is also very useful as a regular way to avoid pain flare-ups. It is also important to do stretching correctly to avoid causing the very injury that you are trying to avoid.

These activities of course affect the muscles ligaments and tendons throughout the body, but they also affect circulation. Increased circulation improves the supply of vitamins to the tissues of the body. Doing stretches before and especially after a workout further prevents injuries and decreases the pain from activities.

To do stretching correctly, follow these simple rules

  • Stretch slowly and non-aggressively. Go just o the point of a mild stretching feeling, no so much that pain is felt.
  • Keep holding the stretching position for approximately 25 seconds.
  • Move slowly into position, do not bounce.
  • Do a stretch on the left side, then the right, then the left etc
  • Breath slowly through the stretch

The best place to start is in the neck area and work your body so that the area already warmed up helps you to do the movements lower down the body.

Doing these exercises is a great way to start your day, allowing you to feel the effects throughout the day.

Be sure to discuss with your Chiropractor before you undertake a new program of exercise, in order to ensure that you do not do any movements that are contraindicated. Should you feel pain during the stretching, stop and inform your Chiropractor. Done regularly these activities can help fix and prevent back pain.

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