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Shoulder Pain

Radiating shoulder painThere’s a lot happening in your shoulders. They are home to many key connections within your body. It’s easy to end up with injuries, tension, and pain in this area, since you constantly use your shoulders to carry everything from heavy loads to stress.

Unlike every other joint in your body, there’s no bone stopping how far your shoulders can move. They are purely controlled by the muscles and ligaments.

Many different muscles interact to accomplish most basic movements. When one muscle develops a problem, many of the others can be affected too.

Helping the Joints and Muscles Heal

Pain often comes from injuries, like falling or lifting something heavy. We also see issues in people who do repetitive movements for their job. It’s possible the source of the problem is in the ribs or upper back. If a joint in your back isn’t working correctly, your shoulder has to work harder to make up for it, leading to pain.

Dr. Gleeson applies expert adjustments to every area of your body experiencing dysfunction, possibly including your back and neck. He may also use muscle release techniques to promote holistic healing. For many patients, the subscapularis muscle the main source of the problem. As that key muscle begins to feel better, soreness in the surrounding muscles will likely also improve.

Keeping You on Track Toward Wellness

We’ll carefully monitor your results by examining your range of motion. Dr. Gleeson will have you raise your arm up to your side. At first, you might struggle to lift it very high due to pain or stiffness. With time, we should see you reach higher and higher as you regain movement.

We can speed up healing with acupuncture if you’re not responding to adjustments as fast as we would like. This type of injury tends to respond well to acupuncture.

A Patient’s Story

A few years ago a 21 year old young man reported to our office. He was visibly depressed and discouraged. In answering my question it was obvious he had given up hope, and didn’t think there was much of a chance that I could help him. I learned that he was off of work on sick leave, and had to drop out of university due to the forearm, wrist and shoulder pain that he was experiencing.

He had tried various other treatments including physiotherapy, without any change in his pain. When I examined him I found that his rib joints and neck had a number of inflamed joints that weren’t moving properly. He also had a number of spots where the nerves in his arm were impinged by muscles in the area.

I began manipulating his involved joints and using muscle release technique on the nerves in his arms. He felt a bit better after each treatment, until he eventually became a smiling young man working part time and attending university full time.

Restore Your Body Naturally Today

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