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Low Back Pain

Woman holding lower backIt’s no surprise that pain in the lower back is the most common complaint of people who visit a chiropractor. This type of discomfort can make it difficult to perform activities of daily living or things you enjoy, such as picking up your grandkids or playing your favorite sport.

The most common causes of lower back pain are the following:

  • The sacroiliac joints or your lumbar spine joints
  • A disc problem that doesn’t go into the leg, but just stays in the back
  • An aggravated psoas muscle (located in the front of the groin) that goes to the middle of your back

Our Approach to Care

If the causes are the sacroiliac joint or the joints in your lumbar spine, Dr. Gleeson will adjust the joint, causing the problem, and get it moving again. Then he will work on any of the muscles related to it in the area and get those loosened up using the Muscle Release Technique, a manual soft tissue method. If your pain is disc-related, he modifies the technique a bit, as sometimes adjusting someone with a disc can aggravate it, so he uses a gentle approach.

He will work a little more on the muscles, as that often helps lower back pain considerably. For example, if the psoas muscle is the source of your pain, he will directly work on that.

The Importance of Prevention

If you have lumbar pain that flares up every few months or a few times a year, it’s a good idea to get regular chiropractic adjustments to keep discomfort from recurring. Additionally, a stretching or exercise program for your back can help prevent flare-ups.

How Chiropractic Benefited a Patient With Lumbar Pain

Years ago, our chiropractor’s neighbor (who was also the father-in-law of Dr. Gleeson’s son) had never been to a chiropractor and had pain in his lower back for a long time. One day, the man mentioned to Dr. Gleeson how bad his back was, and so he came in for care. Dr. Gleeson adjusted the man’s L5 joint, which was where the problem was. The man got better instantly, and after three sessions he was fine. He had suffered for so long and wished he had come in sooner.

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